# The industry application scenario

# To boost user increasing by tokenization of content websites, application and communities

Donut Network enable anyone to create their own Proof of Brain token. These Tokens will be distributed through "upvote", they are also embeded into website to promote the development of community. The result of this model has been proved by steemit.com, WhereIN, Steemhunt and so on.These interfaces make a bit success on the way of tokenization of contents and media.

Donut Network connect contents applications and tokens through adjusting the incentive adjustment between users and entrepreneurs. The founders of community develop the content application through Donut. Through the process of voting, new tokens will distributed original token holders. In the process, token holders, content creaters, and other actors in the community will make the consensus gradually. The specific characters of tokenomy will make incentives to new clients continuously. No matter what kind of application or online communities can help itself development by merging these specific tokens.

# Staking Economy + DeFi

The staking reward mechanism of delegation STEEM POWER on Steem Blockchain, will makes Steem- Polkadot become to a great "Staking economy+DeFi" platform.

Through the combination of Donut Network and Polkadot ecosystem project, The staking mining and the liquidity of staking token come true. Through the combination, Staking can add to other DeFi application scenarios such as Dex, lending, synthetics assets or farming.

# Content + NFT

Steem is a blockchain based mutual content platefotm with incentive system, it realise local community token incentive its community development and social communication. Through a decentralized content management system and a decentralized token reward system, Steem provides an accurate and transparent evaluation mechanism for countless individuals who have contributed to the community, and rewards cryptocurrency. Simply put, Steem completed the pricing of the data produced by content creators and gave STEEM as an incentive.

On the basis of Steem, we can integrate content with NFT to complete the transaction after digital asset pricing. In this way, content as a digital asset forms a complete closed loop from creation, pricing, and trading. Through "Steem+NFT", the vision of allowing everyone to have ownership in the new attention competition to build a fairer and more balanced Internet is realized. NFT can allow content creators on Steem to get comparable returns for their work, and it also allows Steem to change the way the Internet operates and realize its dream of being a new infrastructure for rewarding content on the Internet.

From this perspective, we can not only package the ownership of the content on Steem into an NFT and enter the trading market. Alternatively, the 7-day income right of the content published on Steem (at the end of the 7 days, Steem will reward STEEM for the content) is packaged into an NFT, and market factors are introduced to allow the content to have a more fair price.