# Abstract

DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first large-scale adopted DAO in January 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain. Vitalik and Daniel Larimer carried out more extensive extensions and experiments on the DAO on Ethereum and Bitshare respectively, and made many great achievements. In particular, Ethereum's "smart contract" realizes a "decentralized autonomous organization" that can execute itself without any manual intervention (or participation). These organizations live entirely in the cloud, but they have powerful financial resources that can motivate people to do very real things in the real world, decentralize the implementation of "math-based law", and establish something completely trustless society with utopian pursuits.

So far, there are dozens or even hundreds of DAOs that have begun to take shape on Ethereum. In particular, DeFi has developed tremendously in 2020, and it only takes a few hundred lines of code to build a DeFi-based DAO. Now, the attention of developers is turning to the large-scale application part of blockchain, that is, how to spread DAO. Nutbox's goal is to provide a one-stop DAO factory contract. Non-technical founders can easily create most systems similar to Ethereum and many other systems that we can't even imagine by simply configuring a few times to implement their business logic.