# Nutbox Economy

# The main target

NUT is a cross-communities token, which is designed to promote the Nutbox ecosystem of kinds of protocols and DAO.

NUT is also a transaction intermedia between community members. It provide participants a safe solution for transaction or settlement. It should be noticed that NUT will be used in the economic domain of Nutbox. There is no other specific clear or implied right other than Nutbox service payment and transaction.


The initial total of NUT is 1 billion, and the tokens will be distributed after the launch of the Nutbox Network mainnet.

# Releasing

NUT adopts the half-life method to produce according to the block, and its distribution is divided into three parts: ① 55% is used to support Nutbox ecosystem building; ② 35% is used for operation of DAO fund, allocation of founding team and institutional fundraising, of which 15% is used for periodic institutional fundraising; ③ 10% is used for Nutbox Parachain validators.

# Nutbox Ecosystem Part

The most important thing for Nutbox is to promote the development of protocols such as Crowd-staking, Staking Liquidity Protocol, DApp launcher, DAO Governance, and introduce tToken into the application scenarios of DAO.

Nutbox will consider incentives for channels that support Crowd-staking and Staking Liquidity Protocol. As long as developers integrate the protocol into their wallets, DApps, and Exchange, they will receive certain rewards.

Nutbox will also incentivize the behavior of providing liquidity for tToken and NUT: 1) tToken and NUT related trading pairs; 2) tToken related staking lending pool; 3) Token conversion into tToken. The proportion of NUT distributed by each part will be motivated through multi-mining pool contracts. Nutbox may also incentivize cToken-related trading pairs and lending pools. The list of incentives is voted on by NUT holders and updated every 6 months.

This part of NUT will account for 55% of the total, part of which will be used as incentives for the entire ecosystem, including PLO slot auctions, Oracle use, and cross-chain related costs.

# Nutbox DAO Fund

Nutbox simultaneously generates 10% NUT into the Nutbox DAO Fund while carrying out Ecosystem Part. This part of NUT will be used to incentivize the construction of the entire ecosystem, including the development , market and operations and other members participating in the Nutbox ecological construction.

In order to promote the launch of the Nutbox network, a large amount of investment from the founding team and other resources is required in the early stage. The Nutbox network will give 25% of the NUT to reward the founding team and investment institutions. The 10% NUT held by the founding team will be locked for 24 months after the mainnet is launched, and will be released linearly in 12 months at the end of the lockup period. The 15% NUT held by investment institutions will be released according to different lock-up periods and unlock periods after the mainnet is launched.

As the v1 network of Nutbox, Peanut is the testnet, The main task is to explore Crowd-staking, Staking Liquidity Protocol, Yield Farming, Community DAO, and DApp launcher. Its relation to the Nutbox Blockchain is just like the relation between Kusama and Polkadot. The Peanut community DAO Fund will take out part of the PNUT to support the Nutbox v2 network. Similarly, PNUT holders will receive at least 0.5% of the NUT, that is, 5 million NUT. This part of the NUT will be airdropped to PNUT holders in a certain manner after the mainnet goes online.

# Nutbox parachain validators

As an independent Parachain in the future, Nutbox will have its own validators while sharing consensus security with Polkadot. 10% of the total NUT will be continuously rewarded to Nutbox validators after the Nutbox blockchain is online.

# NUT value chasing

# an asset which storing value

Stores of value refer to assets that can maintain their value, and assets that will not depreciate significantly over time. The value of each PNUT in circulation is supported by the actual value. All NUT transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain, and its design makes it possible to maintain a stable value in a volatile market.

# an exchange intermedia

The intermedia of exchange refers to all things that can represent value standards and are used to promote the sale, purchase, or exchange/transaction of goods or services. As a intermedia of exchange, NUT can be cross-linked into the PoS chain ecology through Nutbox, matching the corresponding scenario, and use NUT to complete transactions and add value to NUT. For example, you can pay NUT to get upvote on the Steem blockchain.

# a kind of service fee

The decentralized automatic network formed by the Nutbox protocol provides services to members 24/7. The DAO founding team distributes cToken through the Nutbox protocol, starts Yield Farming, and configures the DApp launcher, all of which need to stake part of the NUT to obtain network value-added services. DAO members use the Staking Liquidity Protocol to generate tToken and other services, and they also need to pay a certain service fee.

# a participant right

The validators on the candidate list need to stake part of the NUT which is used as an insurance or a slash-risk cushion. The amount of staking NUT can be altered according to the performance of the validators. NUT can also use on-chain governance functions such as on-chain voting, technical committee, treasury distribution, referendum governance, validators election, etc. Holding NUT can gain rights in Nutbox network governance.