# 0. Background

# Modern DAOs

The modern DAOs are not only for governance purpose.

The modern DAOs are the DAOs of the people, by the people, for the people that are not only commercially feasible, but also bring values to the entire world.

A modern DAO ecosystem that will not only survive but also thrive in the Web 3.0 age should have the below traits:

  1. The Web is built as a gift for everyone, as its inventor Sir Tim Berners Lee said "This is for everyone.". In Web 3.0 age, to empower everyone to get back the ownership of the Web, we believe "DAO is for everyone". Everyone should be able to start a DAO in minutes with close to zero fees.
  2. DAOs should be able to bootstrap with available supportive resources for its community, on top of underlying financial and technical foundation within the Web 3.0 ecosystem.
  3. A bunch of profitable, composable and sustainable services could be set up by the DAOs to benefit the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem world and contribute to the public goods. As a result, DAOs would grow their own values, and bring long-term returns for its members who ever contribute to the DAOs.

If the Web 3.0 ecosystem is the new soil, the modern DAOs are the flowers and fruits to be cultivated by the communities in the new age.

# The Operating System for Modern DAOs

The full power of the Web 3.0 ecosystem is not availale to everyone and communities, unless an "operating system" is built to make the Web 3.0 resources understandable and usable for its communities.

Nutbox starts its journey of helping all the communities and people to benefit from Web 3.0 world, and is now growing into an operating system to make the underlying Web 3.0 resources fully accessible by the modern DAOs.

  1. Nutbox DAOs can be created by everyone with almost zero cost and in few minutes.
  2. Nutbox DAOs are able to bootstrap with its DAO staking protocol.
  3. To make Nutbox DAOs sustainable, and grow together with the Web 3.0 ecosystem, Nutbox DAOs are extensible, by installing a number of composable and profitable services, for not only serving your communities, but also extending the value of the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem.