# 4. Timeline

  • 2020.08-2020.12:A staking DAO based on Steem and Tron blockchains —— Nutbox.peanut network goes online
  • 2021 Q1:Support for Nutbox.peanut network,and Nutbox Slot Auction launches Polkadot ecological testnet Rococo
  • 2021 Q2:Nutbox Slot Auction launches Kusama chain,Supporting parachain slot auctions
  • 2021 Q3:Nutbox Walnut Network goes online
  • 2021 Q4:Nutbox Walnut Network support parachain like Crust,Phala and Astar
  • 2022 Q1:Nutbox Donut Network pre-test goes online
  • 2022 Q2:Nutbox Donut Network goes online,and participate in the polkadot parachain slot auction
  • 2022 -:Nutbox Donut Network supports more PoS Chain Community to build Modern DAO