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# What’s Peanut?

Peanut is a decentralized staking platform based on the Steem blockchain.

# What’s the difference between Peanut and other staking platforms on Steem?

Similar to other staking platforms (staking platforms) on Steem, the delegated SP (STEEM POWER) can get upvote from the official community account (@nutbox.mine). At the same time, delegate to the Peanut platform (operating on peanut.nutbox.io) can also obtain the community token (PNUT). Peanut is also a DeFi platform based on the Steem blockchain. You can cross-chain STEEM and SBD with one key, 1:1 exchange into Tron-based equivalent assets TSTEEM and TSBD. The exchanged TSTEEM and TSBD can be traded on the decentralized exchange JustSwap on Tron. Peanut also supports the deposit of PNUT-TRX fund pool certificates (PNUT-TRX LP) and TSP-TRX fund pool certificates in JustSwap for mining. Peanut is a community-owned platform. Community partners can submit proposals and offer suggestions for the community. Once the proposal is voted on, the proposer can participate in community development, operation, promotion and other work according to the description of the proposal, and the proposer will also receive PNUT rewards in accordance with the proposal.

Detail here https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox/nutbox-dao-governance-is-online--the-procedure-of-nutbox-proposal-is-operating--20201105t090030122z

# What’s the relationship between Peanut and Tron Blockchain?

Peanut's smart contract is built on the Tron blockchain. Through the Tron blockchain, Peanut enables the Steem community to have smart contracts and DeFi basic modules, which can be used for rich applications.

# What are the risks of participating in Peanut?

The risk of participating in Peanut is that you need to invest in STEEM, transform it into STEEM POWER (SP), and represent it to Peanut. Since there is no risk in acting as SP, the risk of participating in Peanut lies in the rise and fall of STEEM.

# What’s PNUT's value

The value of PNUT mainly comes from two aspects:

  • The repurchase of PNUT by the peanut committee;
  • After peanut.dao invested and incubated Steem on the DApp, the return on peanut after the DApp achieved results;

In addition to the regular halving of PNUT, the daily distribution volume is fixed within a certain period of time. Therefore, the more curatorial rewards peanut receives, the more obvious the support for the price of PNUT, that is, the price of PNUT will increase with the increase in SP obtained by peanut.

# What are the using scenarios of PNUT?

PNUT will participate in the rich application scenarios of peanut. It is expected that:

  • Provide liquidity for PNUT/TRX and get transaction fee rewards;
  • Hold PNUT to enjoy the right to vote for countermeasure exhibitors;
  • Hold PNUT indirectly owns the voting rights of the peanut proposal voting system and participate in community governance;
  • Owning PNUT can participate in various economic activities of the peanut cooperation platform, such as multiple rounds of ranking;
  • Enjoy the rights and interests of peanut;
  • Participate in voting to determine the DApp that peanut.dao invests in incubation

# About paying PNUT to get upvote?

  • You can buy upvote from here:https://peanut.nutbox.io/#/get-vote
  • You need to connect Tron-link
  • Input your post and pnut amount: a.The post's author must delegate at least 100sp to nutbox.mine b.The post must be your first buying upvote in one day (It's a day in Beijing time UTC 16:00 is Beijing midnight,We will update data) c.The pnut amount need set to 1000~10000
  • You must have at least 10trx in your tron address for transactin fee.
  • If the upvote don't come at time , please wait. Robot will hang up if nutbox.mine's vp is below 55%.
  • It might happen refund situation. Refund is with memo showing why we refund your pnut: a. Robot have voted your post through buying pnut.(Not delegation upvote) b.The amount of pnut you transfer is not between 1000~10000 c.The post you provide is authored last day d.The post link is a wrong post link.

# About delegate sp to nutbox.mine to get upvote?

Through peanut.nutbox.io delegate SP to Peanut (@nutbox.mine), you can also get upvote from Peanut (@nutbox.mine). The weight ratio of upvote is "(number of delegation SP × 8/total number of nutbox.mine SP) × 100%", and one post get voted per day.

# How is the 10% PNUT held by peanut.dao arranged?

In the early stage, peanut.dao will support early contributors, and the development and operation of nutbox v2. The most important thing is to support DApp on Steem and obtain DApp tokens.

# About PNUT repurchase?

Community members will delegate the SP to Peanut (@nutbox.mine), and @nutbox.mine will be rewarded by STEEM (https://steemd.com/@nutbox.mine). The Nutbox Committee will exchange STEEM for USDT from time to time, and repurchase PNUT through the PNUT-USDT trading pair on JustSwap. The repurchase address of nutbox.mine on the Tron blockchain is: TMLMSuyygN1fL5HpUt1oQp3RjvdEsHZffG

The Peanut Committee will destroy the repurchased PNUT. If the community has special needs, relevant proposals can be submitted through the proposal voting system to determine the purpose of this part of PNUT.

# About Nutbox Global Ambassador?

Now we have 8 global ambassadors to jointly promote Nutbox & Peanut forward. About the Nutbox Global Ambassador Program: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/nutbox-global-ambassador-program-or-nutbox

# About Peanut Committee?

The Peanut Committee is a transitional institution in the process of Peanut's move towards fully decentralized governance. https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/the-committee-of-peanut-nutbox-v1-dao-starts-up-meanwhile-the-account-of-the-committee-is-operating


TSP is an asset based on the Tron blockchain, which is a TRC20 Token, and 1TSP is equivalent to delegate 1SP to Peanut (nutbox.mine). TSP can enjoy the same rights as the staked SP, that is, get rewards from PNUT and upvote from Peanut (nutbox.mine). Community members can use "peanut.nutbox.io-staked asset liquidity" to convert STEEM to TSP at any time 1:1. TSP can also be redeemed into STEEM at any time, and the redeemed STEEM will reach their Steem account within 33-40 days

TSP can be traded on JustSwap, trade link: https://justswap.io/?lang=en-US#/scan/detail/trx/TW2EWoRUJfwH9nMTfLxSL9JPLZeusUtTfR

About TSP 1: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox/tsp-a-trc-20-defi-asset-based-on-steem-staking-economy-with-over-50-apy-will-be-online-tonight

About TSP 2: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox/tsp-a-tradable-steem-power-sp


STEEM and TSBD are assets based on the Tron blockchain, which are TRC20 Tokens. Its value 1:1 is equivalent to STEEM and SBD in the Steem network, and guaranteed by the Peanut cross-chain exchange module [peanut.nutbox.io-wallet-cross-chain transfer].

After TSTEEM and TSBD cross-chain to Tron, decentralized exchanges and decentralized lending in the Tron ecosystem can be used, and liquidity mining can also be carried out, which greatly expands the efficiency of the use of Steem network assets.

About TSTEEM 1: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/to-start-mining-pnut-through-the-tsteem-deposit-it-is-a-new-era-of-capital-saving-in-steem-community

About TSTEEM 2: https://blog.nutbox.io/@nutbox.mine/trade-steem-to-trx-usdt-on-nutbox-io-and-justswap

TSTEEM decentralized trading link: https://justswap.io/?lang=en-US#/scan/detail/trx/TBUZYrDh7gzjd1PLnkMHWoAo55ctRzZzGN

TSTEEM decentralized trading link: https://justswap.io/?lang=en-US#/scan/detail/trx/TEPZJmYLJxJc8b5FueswwLWmUDhJGnih6Q

# LP Token

On JustSwap, you can obtain the corresponding LP Token by providing liquidity for the corresponding trading pair fund pool. For example, by depositing the TRX and PNUT of your account into the PNUT-TRX trading pair fund pool on JustSwap, you will get PNUT-TRX LP Token.

If you get the PNUT-TRX LP Token, you can get the transaction fee for others to trade PNUT-TRX. At the same time, you can also deposit LP Token in the corresponding mining pool at "peanut.nutbox.io-Liquidity Mining" to receive PNUT rewards.

# JustSwap

JustSwap is a decentralized exchange in Tron ecology. Any TRC20 Token can create trading pairs and trade here. PNUT, TSP, TSTEEM, and TSBD on the Peanut platform have all created trading pairs with TRX. Community members can exchange PNUT, TSP, etc. into TRX or USDT on JustSwap.

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