# DeFi based on TSTEEM/TSP

# TSTEEM financial management

Traditional financial institutions support current and regular cash deposits to earn interest. STEEM has sufficient liquidity and the ability to accumulate a large amount of idle STEEM. 10%-30% of idle TSTEEM can be converted into TSP to get PNUT rewards.

Users can get PNUT rewards by staking TSP into fund pools of different periods, and can cancel the stake at any time. Stake is cancelled if the deposit time has not expired, and the deposit reward remains in the fund pool for distribution to users whose deposit expires. This not only satisfies the liquidity demand of STEEM, but also achieves the promised savings users to obtain high PNUT rewards.


TSTEEM can not only upgrade part of the power into SP, and get staking rewards to distribute to users who hold TSTEEM. TSTEEM can also lend part of the idle TSTEEM in the savings pool to other users who need TSTEEM to obtain loan interest.

Like Compound, Aave, and JustLend, TSP can form a lending pair with TSTEEM. TSP holders can stake TSP to borrow TSTEEM, and the idle funds in the TSTEEM savings pool are loaned to users who stake TSP to borrow TSTEEM.

TSP owners can spend a small amount of handling fees and loan interest while receiving staking rewards to have liquid TSTEEM. TSTEEM savings users can also get loan interest and enjoy after-tax income.

# Liquid Farming

As a community staking platform, Peanut provides services for the financial needs of Steem asset holders for asset liquidity. Peanut will also incentivize the liquidity providers of PNUT-TRX, TSTEEM-TRX, TSP-TRX and other trading pairs on the JustSwap exchange with the consent of the community.

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Deposit PNUT, TSTEEM, and TSP in the corresponding trading pair to provide liquidity for the trading pair to obtain liquidity voucher. Users only need to deposit the liquidity voucher into the corresponding liquidity pool to receive PNUT rewards. This will greatly increase the liquidity of PNUT-TRX, TSTEEM-TRX, TSP-TRX and other trading pairs, and meet the financial transaction needs of Steem asset holders.