# Roadmaps

# Peanut(Nutbox v1)

As the first "Staking Economy + DeFi" on Nutbox, Peanut has a huge advantage over the original Staking Provider of the PoS chain. Nutbox will make every effort to promote the success of the Peanut network. Peanut network can be seen https://peanut.nutbox.io/ The main functional modules of "Staking Economy + DeFi" have been launched.

The first phase of Peanut is built on the Steem and Tron blockchains. First, the delegating SP mining PNUT will be started, and liquidity mining will be started. The second phase will consider supporting Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum to better support TSTEEM, TSP and other functions. In the third stage, with the improvement of the Nutbox v2 network, the access of more PoS chain assets will be supported through v2, such as stake DOT to vote for PNUT mining, deposit ETH to participate in ETH2.0 mining PNUT, etc.

# Nutbox v2

Nutbox v2 hopes that every community has the ability to build its own Peanut community staking platform and strive for this goal. Peanut, as the front-end network of Nutbox v2, is an innovative network for the community to create a staking economic system. Nutbox-related innovative features will first be launched on the Peanut network (Peanut community). Only when the Peanut network has a well-received function, can it be used as a basic component on the Nutbox v2 network to provide services to other communities or nodes.

Peanut's DAO Fund supports v2 development and will also receive Nutbox v2 rewards. At that time, after Nutbox v2 goes online, the Nutbox v2 asset NUT will be airdropped to PNUT holders.

About Nutbox V2,refer to https://docs.nutbox.io/white_paper/ and https://docs.nutbox.io/lite_paper_v2/